Features of the Best Queen Sized Mattresses


There are different types of mattresses for different people. Athletes require an extra level of comfort and firmness as compared to a person with back pain. Same is the case with side sleepers and those who sleep on their backs. The way they are divided on the basis of firmness level; they are also divided on the basis of sizes. In this article, we will take a look at the best queen sized mattresses.

Division on the basis of size:

The first ones are the single mattresses. They range from 72” by 30” to 75” by 42”. Then comes the second category called double mattresses. Their sizes vary from 72” by 48” to 78” by 48”. The third category is queen sized mattresses that are the most popular ones. Their sizes vary from 72” by 60” to 78” by 66”. The fourth category comprises king sized mattresses. They have sizes ranging from 72” by 72” to 78” by 72”.


A queen mattress is usually 7 inches wide and 5 inches longer than a regular mattress. This additional thickness and length provide you and your partner extra space to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep experience. They are the most popular ones for the features they offer. Another plus point is, due to their popularity, it is easiest to find bed sheets and other accessories for beds with queen sized mattresses.

Due to industrialization, space is reducing in cities and towns, which is ultimately leading to small sized houses and apartments. This reduced size of houses makes queen sized mattresses more loveable because they fit into a room without creating any fuss and leave plenty of space for walking and other accessories.

Another critical factor is the firmness level it provides. They offer very firm, medium firm, and firm models. You can get yourself, and your partner weighed and then choose the mattress according to what your body needs. Most people opt for a mattress that is thick and firm. Such mattresses bounce back once the sleeper gets up. Also, such a level of thickness and firmness prevents the mattress from drooping and aggregating. But if you choose a thinner one, there would be a high chance of wear and tear.

Do check the additional features these companies offer like panel, slat, wingback, or open frame. All these are examples of headboard choices. In addition to this, there are options like storage capabilities and adjustable elements. There is an option of eco-friendly materials for people who are sensitive. Do check if the company offers customizable beds or not. Design them according to your choices and body needs.


Queen sized mattresses offer you diversity. They come in different thickness levels, different firmness levels, and also different lengths. It is extremely easy to find a queen sized mattress that will fulfil all your requirements and also will be light on your pocket.